FRITZ!Box 7590 as a gaming router

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Everything online

Until the end of the 1990's computer games were mostly played locally - whether this was at home or at LAN parties. Nowadays nearly everything is played online. Even games that only have a single player mode can hardly do without a permanent internet connection. For example scores and recent victories are directly synchronized with the game developer's server.

So gamers not only need a well-equipped PC, a game console or a powerful smartphone, but also a FRITZ!Box that meets the specific requirements.

Stability is everything

People who enjoy gaming surely know this: you're deep in the game and suddenly the connection breaks in a key moment. The screen freezes and the game shows an error message. Previously this meant restarting the router and checking the internet connection. This cost agonizing minutes. And once the connection was re-established, the game was either already over or lost.

To prevent this altogether the FRITZ!Box receives regular updates that contain a whole range of stability improvements and special adjustments for different internet providers. So unwanted connection breaks practically don't occur with the FRITZ!Box 7590.

The king with the best ping

Especially for shooter or other real-time based online games it's less about the maximum bandwidth available, but all about the so-called latency. This is the reaction time that passes between the request of the game client to the game server and vice versa.

The current latency can be measured with the command "ping" in all operating systems. In Windows you can simply open the command prompt window by clicking the start button and entering "cmd" to do this. After that you can enter, for example, the command "ping" to measure the latency of your FRITZ!Box. If the gaming PC or gaming console is connected to the FRITZ!Box via LAN cable, the value should be well below one millisecond (ms). However, even connections via wireless LAN or powerline generally achieve a ping of 2-4 ms under ideal circumstances.

Conclusion: The FRITZ!Box 7590 is an ideal gaming router

  • Exceptional stability and high reliability of the connection is guaranteed at all times.
  • Thanks to its great processing power the FRITZ!Box 7590 can manage multiple connections without effort.
  • Regular stability and performance improvements as well as the systematic cooperation with internet providers result in optimum pings that can make a vital difference winning.
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