Connecting the FRITZ!Box with the PS4

Connecting the FRITZ!Box with the PS4

Only when you integrate Sony's game consoles in the home network and connect with the Internet can you take advantage of their full potential: For online games, community interactions, media streaming and more, the Playstation 4 must be connected wit the FRITZ!Box. There are two ways to do this: with a classic cable connection or wirelessly.

Connecting the Playstation 4 and the FRITZ!Box by Cable

This option is very simple and the Internet connection is set up in just a few steps. Take the LAN cable and insert it into the appropriate port on the back of the console. The LAN port is the second on the right, between the HDMI interface and the AUX port. Connect the other end of the cable with the network port on your FRITZ!Box – that's all! The connection will be established automatically upon starting.

Simple Wireless LAN Configuration on the PS4

Alternatively, use a wireless connection to transmit data between the FRITZ!Box and the console. The prerequisite for this is that wireless LAN has been enabled on your FRITZ!Box and that the console is within the reception range. The first time you switch your console on, it will scan your location for wireless networks. Here you already have the option to establish a wireless LAN connection to your home network. Simply follow the instructions on the screen and enter the network key when prompted to do so. It is much simpler to configure the wireless connection by pressing the WPS button on the FRITZ!Box. Click on this link for more instructions.

If you would like to connect manually, navigate in the menu of the PS4 to the "Settings" and then to "Network", where you then select "Connect to the Internet". Here you have the choice between using WiFi or a LAN cable. Opt for the wireless connection, select your home network from the list, and then enter the network key. Return to this page if you would like to disable WiFi at a later point in time and establish a cable connection.

Wireless LAN or Cable?

Which kind of connection is better depends on several factors. Besides structural conditions in your home, it is important what you want to do most with the console: play games, surf or stream media. In an upcoming article in this guide we will go into detail on this issue and give you valuable tips.

More Detailed Information in the Guide

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