More performance, more speed: gaming with the FRITZ!Box 7590

High computing power manages multiple connections

If you're someone who likes playing computer games, there's no getting around the need for a reliable internet connection. Even games that only have a single-player mode often need permanent access to the internet. Among other things, scores and recent achievements are synced directly with the game developer's server and updates are downloaded automatically.

For gamers, it is therefore not only important to have a well-equipped PC, a game console or a powerful smartphone, but also a FRITZ!Box that meets their special requirements – especially if the console is connected via wireless LAN and is sharing the home network with several other devices.

The FRITZ!Box 7590 is the ideal solution. Thanks to the high processing power under the hood, it can handle multiple connection without getting into a sweat. The FRITZ!Box 7590 reaches up to 300 Mbit/s at the DSL connection, while in the wireless network you can achieve a maximum of a speedy 2533 Mbit/s in the optimum case.

A low ping is key

But especially with shooters or other real-time games, the maximum available bandwidth is less important than a low "ping". This is the reaction time that passes between a request between the game client and the game server. In the FRITZ!Box 7590 settings you can "prioritize" game consoles or your gaming PC. This means gaming devices are given preferential treatment in the home network, ensuring a low response time.

By the way: The FRITZ!Box 7590 receives regular updates that contain a whole host of stability improvements and special adjustments for different internet providers. This means unintentional disconnections practically don't occur with the FRITZ!Box 7590.

What's your ping? Take the test

You can measure the current latency by entering the command "ping", whatever operating system you use. In Windows you can simply open the command prompt by pressing the Start key and typing "cmd". You can then type in "ping", where you can measure the latency of your FRITZ!Box. If the gaming PC or console is connected to the FRITZ!Box via LAN cable, the value should be well below one millisecond (ms). However, under ideal circumstances even connections via wireless LAN or powerline generally achieve a ping of 2-4 ms.