How to use the Xbox One online

LAN or wireless LAN access

The Xbox One, Xbox One X and Xbox One S from Microsoft all have a variety of multiplayer functions, cloud services, as well as chat and community services. To use these features, you need to connect the console to your home network and the internet via either WiFi or LAN cable.

As with the PS4, a conventional LAN cable connection is the easiest way. Insert one end of the cable into the console's LAN port, located on the right of the back panel. Then insert the other end into a free interface on your FRITZ! box. Once you have turned the console on, the connection is automatically established and no further settings are necessary.

Setting up wireless LAN on the Xbox One

Alternatively, when starting the console for the first time, you can use the wizard to establish the wireless connection. Simply follow the instructions on the screen, select the name of your home network from the list, and enter your network key. You can return to this screen later by pressing the menu key on the controller and going to the "Network Settings".

You can now add a new wireless LAN to the Xbox One. Select your home network from the list that appears after a network scan is carried out, and then complete the process by entering your network key. If you ever change the wireless LAN information (network name, network key) on your FRITZ!Box, this is where you'll have to reconfigure the connection in the Xbox One.