FRITZ!Box and Xbox One – Setting Up an Internet Connection

FRITZ!Box and Xbox One – Setting Up an Internet Connection

The Xbox One by Microsoft is also equipped with a wide variety of multiplayer functions including competitive and cooperative multiplayer content, cloud services, chat and community services. To use these functions, establish a connection to the home network and the Internet either wirelessly over WiFi or using a cable.

Xbox One – Insert Cable and Off You Go

As for the PS4, a conventional LAN cable connection is the easier choice. Insert one end of the cable in the LAN port of the console, located on the far right of the back panel. Then plug the other end into a free interface on your FRITZ!Box. Once you have switched the console on, the connection is established automatically and no further settings are needed.

Configuring Wireless LAN on the Xbox One

The first time the console is started, you have the option of using a Wizard to establish the wireless connection. Simply follow the instructions on the screen, select the name of your home network from the list, and enter your network key. You can return to this screen later by pressing the menu key on the controller and going to the "Network Settings".

Now you can enter a new wireless LAN to the Xbox One. Select your home network from the list that appears after a network scan, and then conclude the procedure by entering your network key. If you ever change the wireless LAN properties on the FRITZ!Box (network name, key), this is where you will have to reconfigure the connection in the Xbox One.

Testing the Connection and Troubleshooting

Once the Xbox One is registered with the wireless network, you can establish a test connection in this menu. If this test is successful, the Internet functions of the console will be available. If it is not possible to establish the connection, you can use the error diagnostics provided by the system. Alternatively, repeat the configuration process; often the problem is as simple as transposed digits in the network key.

Depending on the conditions where you live, sometimes a network cable is preferable to a wireless connection. Which variant is better for you will be explained in an upcoming article in this guide. If you would like to read detailed information on the connection between the Xbox One and the FRITZ!Box, click here.