FRITZ!Box and cloud gaming à la Google Stadia

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Cloud gaming is the next big thing and Google Stadia is just the beginning. A PlayStation, Xbox or a powerful gaming PC makes for hours of gaming fun. With cloud gaming, FRITZ!Box ensures you have a diverse gaming experience no matter where you are: on your sofa, in the back yard or at your desk. How does cloud gaming work? And why is FRITZ!Box one of the top routers for playing video games? Read on to find out the answers to these questions and more.

How does cloud gaming work?

Cloud gaming runs games on remote servers in the provider's data center, not on the user's console or PC. Your game controller sends the control commands to the cloud gaming service, which streams the image and sound of the game directly to your device.

This has several advantages: In the data center, powerful servers process the game's graphics, meaning users don't need to go out and invest in expensive hardware to enjoy state of the art graphics. Cloud gaming thus ensures a stable gaming experience, even if you have a less powerful notebook or PC, as well as on a smart TV or your smartphone.

In addition to Google Stadia, several other services are now competing for customers: PlayStation Now from Sony or GeForce NOW from Nvidia. With MagentaGaming, Deutsche Telekom has launched its own cloud gaming offer, which is still in a closed beta version for the time being.

FRITZ!Box is ready

Cloud gaming places high demands on your internet connection and home network. This makes FRITZ!Box the top choice for gaming fun with Stadia & co.

FRITZ!Box processes data traffic efficiently and quickly. Thanks to the powerful wireless LAN, the cloud gaming data reaches the player's device without any noticeable delays. If more than one player is active in the wireless LAN at the same time, the FRITZ!Box's gigabit LAN connections ensure everybody has access to delay-free gaming fun.

Whether you're connected to the internet via wireless LAN or LAN cable, the FRITZ!Box ensures you have lag-free gaming enjoyment via cloud gaming services: gamers can look forward to smooth 4K graphics with HDR and 60 frames per second with incredible 5.1 surround sound.

Speedy internet for top graphics

Cloud gaming relies on fast, stable internet connections. Different providers have different requirements, ranging from 5 Mbit/s for PlayStation Now to 50 Mbit/s for MagentaGaming. If you want to play in 4K resolution, Google Stadia requires 35 Mbit/s. The following applies to all providers: a faster connection means higher resolution and more detailed graphics.

An internet connection with 50 Mbit/s makes sense if you're looking for the highest cloud gaming quality, while your connection still has reserves for phone calls and surfing the web. As soon as more people start using the network, you might have to end your game earlier than planned. Nowadays there are connections with 100 Mbit/s and more, thanks to DSL technology, TV cable or fiber optics – what is available depends, however, on your local area.

FRITZ!Box: number one for (cloud) gaming

Cloud gaming is a new technology that already offers a lot of exciting possibilities: your sofa, back yard or even your desk are now ideal places to play your favorite titles thanks to cloud gaming. There are also no longer any costs for a special gaming PC.

FRITZ!Box is the ideal gaming router for PlayStation, Xbox or a PC. Check out our tips for maximum gaming fun with the cloud gaming service of your choice and a FRITZ!Box. Whether classic or cloud-based gaming: no matter which version you choose, FRITZ!Box always guarantees top performance.

Your checklist for cloud gaming with FRITZ!Box

  • Use fast wireless LAN, directly from your FRITZ!Box
  • Get an internet plan with 50 Mbit/s or more
  • FRITZ!Box ensures top home network performance
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