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Exporting smartphone contacts to FRITZ!Box

Add contacts to your FRITZ!Box

You want to use the contacts in your smartphone for landline calls with the FRITZ!Fon? Then all you have to do is export them to a FRITZ!Box telephone book. You'll need an Android or iOS smartphone and the free FRITZ!App Fon. With these you can use your smartphone as a landline phone via WiFi. Exporting the address book in the opposite direction is a supplementary function.

It'll only take a few preparations on your smartphone to make the transfer work. If you have adjusted the internal address book of your smartphone so you can continue to use it on the FRITZ!Box, then you'll benefit from greater flexibility.

Exporting contacts from your phone to import them to the FRITZ!Box

Start transfer by clicking "Export contacts", which can be found in the "More" tab in FRITZ!App Fon. Your smartphone automatically generates a new email containing the contacts as an attachment. Now, enter your email address to send the contact list from your smartphone to your email account.

Access your emails on your computer and download the data. Next, open the user interface of your FRITZ!Box and log in. You can add a new telephone book or overwrite an existing one following the menu from "Telephony" to "Telephone Book". You can configure as many telephone books as you like in your FRITZ!Box. There's no limit.

Saving old data beforehand

You can use the "Restore" button in both cases. Click here to select the downloaded data from your email account. Now, confirm the process by pushing the corresponding button, and the contacts of your smartphone will be transferred to your FRITZ!Box.

If you overwrite an existing telephone book instead of adding a new one, the previous entries will be lost. Make sure to save a backup beforehand avoiding this. Yet, it's not possible to overwrite an "Online Telephone Book" stored on the FRITZ!Box. If you followed these steps, you can enjoy using the contacts of your smartphone within your home network.

You can also find the individual steps in our Knowledge Base.