How to make cheap calls - Economical telephone calls

How to make cheap calls

Even if flat rates are included in most landline tariffs nowadays, you can often only make free calls within your own network. Calls to other providers' networks or to non-EU countries are a different story. Voice over IP (VoIP), is ideal here; Your voice data is sent to the person you're talking to via the existing internet connection.

Economical calling over VoIP

As a FRITZ!Box user you already have the ideal VoIP telephone system at your disposal: The user interface provides for simple configuration of up to 20 internet telephone numbers. This means a different number can be configured for every outside network or country. Make sure that the VoIP providers support SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). See the provider comparisons available on the Web.

Easy to set up over the web

Using dialing rules you can specify which provider should be used for which target numbers. The most economical rates are listed online. For instructions on how to configure your FRITZ!Box for internet telephony, read the example for the FRITZ!Box 7390.

Call Australia for free

Maybe your daughter is planning to spend a year as an au pair in Australia. Then she could take advantage of the possibility to connect her smartphone with your home network via VPN. Over WiFi, perhaps at her host family's home, she can connect to your FRITZ!Box using a free VPN connection. Then she can call her family and friends at the rates configured in the FRITZ!Box at home. No international charges are incurred for the call from Australia to her home country, and the smartphone's data usage remains untouched.

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