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Configuring answering machines in the FRITZ!Box

Configure answering machines in the FRITZ!Box: More flexibility in the home network

The FRITZ!Box is not only your Internet and multimedia hub, it is also responsible for everything that has to do with telephony. There is an answering machine integrated in the router, so that you do not miss any incoming calls, but receive voice messages so that you can call back right away. But that's not all: Thanks to FRITZ! technology the answering machine is part of a complete home network, which makes for a number of extra advantages.

Fewer devices, less consumption

The greatest advantage of an answering machine integrated in the FRITZ!Box is obvious: Because this feature is included in your router, you do not have to acquire another device, less space is needed, and ultimately less power is used. What is more, no additional cabling is required: You connect the telephone and the FRITZ!Box with each other anyway, either wirelessly or over LAN – and the answering machine is already connected.

Simple configuration over the Web

Depending on the FRITZ!Box model, you have up to five answering machines at your disposal, each of which can be configured and operated separately. This means each of your telephone numbers can have its own answering machine with its own greeting message. The greetings can be stored in MP3 or WAV format or recorded directly on the handsets. The complete administraiton of your answering machine is taken care of either on the FRITZ!Box web interface or with the FRITZ!Fon.

Never miss a call again, no matter where you are

With the MyFRITZ!App you can establish a connection to your FRITZ!Box with your smartphone, no matter where you are. This lets you keep an eye on the call list and the received messages at all times and ensures that you will not miss any more important messages. Alternatively, set up e-mail notification to have the call list and voice messages sent straight to your smartphone.

See here for instructions on how to configure the app. More information and instructions for launching operation of the answering machine on the latest FRITZ!Box models are available at this link.