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Blocking unwanted callers

When the telephone rings, you may look forward to a nice chat with friends or family, or finally pick up the important call you've been waiting for. Instead you are surprised by a supposed lottery jackpot, invited on a two-week cruise, or requested to participate in the latest survey.


No connections for lottery queens

Don't let "cold calls" get the better of you. On your FRITZ!Box it is easy to set up a block for such calls. Set up lists to block incoming calls from these numbers and add every new unwanted caller to the list.

Also watch out for unwanted outgoing calls

There are also calls that can incur high costs on the other end of the line. For instance, many premium-rate calls (many of them with the prefix "0900") rack up ridiculous charges. To spare your telephone bill from surprises of this kind, and to make sure that such numbers aren't dialed by accident, simply block certain outgoing calls.

Block telephone numbers and adding exceptions

Analogous to the block for incoming calls, here, too, you set up a block in the menu of your FRITZ!Box. Enter the undesired number in the list – done! You also have the option of adding exceptions. If in rare cases you do need to place a call to a blocked range of numbers, you can set up a rule to this effect.

This article explains how to set up a block for outgoing numbers and unwanted callers.

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