Gaming with FRITZ!

FRITZ! turbocharges your gaming. Find out here how you can get low ping and maximum speed.

Tip 1: Pay attention to your router Your router functions as the control center of your home network and is in permanent exchange with every device connected to it. At the same time, it forwards the data to the internet and retrieves fresh data from there.

Millions of pieces of information are sent per second to synchronize your location in the game and that of the other players. A good router is therefore essential for an optimal gaming experience.

FRITZ!Box offers top performance in both directions.
Tip 2: Wherever possible, use a LAN connection Many gamers swear by a cable connection between their console/PC and their router. The advantage is clear: Neither thick walls nor the your neighbors' WiFi will get in the way and reduce transmission speeds.

All FRITZ!Box models have multiple Ethernet ports, many of them with gigabit speeds.
Tip 3: Clear the way for your wireless LAN If you cannot or are not allowed to lay any cables, there are two good alternatives with FRITZ!WLAN and FRITZ!Powerline. While powerline transmits data over the wiring in your home, wireless LAN does so via radio signals.

Thanks to intelligent features such as Mesh WiFi steering, FRITZ! devices deliver speedy and stable wireless LAN. With a few simple tricks you can further improve the signal:
  • Position the FRITZ!Box somewhere where it is unobstructed and clear any obstacles, such as large metal objects or pieces of furniture, out of the way.
  • Use FRITZ!Repeater to amplify the signal.
  • Did you know? You can check the signal strength and other important information with the FRITZ!App WLAN.
Tip 4: Use the features of FRITZ!OS FRITZ!OS is the operating system for FRITZ!Box & co, allowing you to make and adjust a range of settings to increase performance. You should take a look at the ports to be shared and prioritize the connections between the router and console/PC. You can also adjust the settings for your guest wireless access to reduce the bandwidth provided to your friends and family – leaving you enough speed to play games to your heart's content.

The good news: FRITZ!OS is continuously being developed and new features are added on a regular basis. Best of all, there are no additional costs involved.
How to connect your PC or console


Many professional gamers swear by a PC because of its performance and convenient operation. As a general rule of thumb, they're integrated into the home network using LAN cable.

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A number of exclusive titles make the PS4 an attractive console. You can use either cable or wireless LAN to connect it to the internet.

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Xbox One

The game console from Microsoft has powerful technology and a wide range of accessories. It can also be connected to the network via LAN and wireless LAN.

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Nintendo's latest video game console can be used as a stationary or portable device. It's therefore recommended to use a WiFi connection.

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Tip 5: take a look at our gaming guide If you want to find out more about how to best set up your home network for your gaming experience, take a look at our handy guide.

FRITZ! wishes you lots of fun - and a low ping, always.