New / Improvements

New features in this lab version

New graphical mesh overview for greater transparency, convenience and performance

The new Mesh Overview, located in the Home Network Overview of the FRITZ!Box user interface, shows the entire home network at a glance, with detailed information on FRITZ! products and the devices connected to them. If an update is available for one or more products, it can be installed here. Even devices in the wireless guest network are listed here.

Best wireless performance

FRITZ! products are always perfectly coordinated with each other to achieve top performance without user intervention. Through automatic band steering, dual-band repeaters find the ideal transmission band in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for each wireless terminal device. Intelligent crossband repeating provides for full throughput when wireless repeaters are deployed; optimizations for IP TV and streaming services allow users to enjoy video and music without interruptions at any time. The "Mesh WiFi" FRITZ! Lab introduces an expanded wireless LAN auto channel search, which periodically determines the best channel.

One touch of a button for all connections

A FRITZ! repeater or FRITZ!Powerline product with WiFi is connected using a single button on the device - regardless of the connection technology (wireless LAN, powerline, DECT). Now repeaters can also be cascaded at the push of a button. The integration of new wireless terminal devices can now be triggered on any device in the mesh home network. This makes it easy to expand the mesh network flexibly by adding more FRITZ! repeaters, powerline devices and FRITZ!Box products. The mesh network automatically adjusts to changes, for instance, when a device switches to a different FRITZ!Box; devices search for a new connection themselves.

Mesh convenience: Simple configuration, operation and expansion

In its role as "mesh master", the FRITZ!Box automatically ensures that any changes to settings are adopted by all FRITZ! products in the home network. Through the central update via the FRITZ!Box Home Network Overview, repeaters and powerline devices with WiFi can now be updated to lab versions as well. Then a FRITZ!Box with a lab version of FRITZ!OS automatically offers these devices the appropriate update.

More improvements in the various lab versions

WiFi settings changed in the FRITZ!Box are adopted by connected FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters / FRITZ!Powerline devices. Currently supported are all settings for wireless LAN, for the wireless guest network, and for night settings.

Expanded WPS Function

WPS for incorporating new wireless devices now can also be triggered on FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters or FRITZ!Powerline devices with WiFi.

Simplified powerline extension

Additional powerline products now can also be registered with the FRITZ!Box at the push of a button

Dynamic uplink

Whenever there is no connection to a wireless access point for longer than 15 minutes, FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters and FRITZ!Powerline devices with WiFi search for an alternative connection themselves (example: switch to a different FRITZ!Box).

Simplified lab access for repeaters and powerline WiFi repeaters

The only requirement for participating in the Mesh lab is to bring the FRITZ!Box up to date with the lab using the .image file contained here. After updating your FRITZ!Box, update any FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 1750E and FRITZ!Powerline 1240E participating in the lab as described below.

Changed button behavior starting with FRITZ!OS 6.88

FRITZ!Box 7490

By pressing and holding down the WLAN/WPS button (6 seconds), now devices can be connected via all technologies (wireless LAN, powerline, DECT). Expanded mesh features are enabled later in the same way. An existing powerline network can now also be expanded with the push of a button on the FRITZ!Box.

FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters and WiFi/Powerline Repeaters

On a device with factory settings, a short press of the WPS button triggers the connection to a wireless access point. For a product with a connection configured, pressing the WPS button briefly starts a connection to a terminal device (so you can connect a new tablet or smartphone via WPS). If a product with a connection configured is registered with a different access point, press the "WPS" button on the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater (1750E) or the "Powerline Security" button on FRITZ!Powerline (1240E) and hold it down for 6 seconds. Factory settings can be restored as before, by pressing the button for 15 seconds. If a product is not yet configured for the expanded mesh features, press the WLAN/WPS button on your FRITZ!Box for 6 seconds, and then briefly press the WPS button (1750E) or Powerline Security button (1240E) on the FRITZ! product to be configured.

--- Additional improvements in the Mesh lab ---


  • Fixed: After FRITZ!Box reboot, registered FRITZ!Fon could lose assigned handset name
  • Improved: Interoperability with Speedphone 11 and 500
  • Improved: Transfer of telephone book entries from FRITZ!Box to Gigaset/Siemens products

Home network:

  • New: graphical mesh overview for greater transparency, convenience and performance


  • Fixed: Problems could occur while configuring IPv4 port forwarding for certain constellations.

Smart Home:

  • Change: GUI option "Share the Smart Home function in the FRITZ!Box home network" was removed.


  • Change: The dialog text for additional confirmation was revised.


  • Fixed: In some rare cases there was no way of entering account information for separate connections for Internet telephony in the line settings of a phone number.
  • Improved: Voice quality was improved for certain situations


  • Fixed: Display of wrong maximum data rate of wireless devices compliant with the 11a standard.
  • Fixed: Support for DFS channels in repeater mode is now enabled.
  • Fixed: Loss of connection with Denon/Marantz devices
  • Improved: Increased WPS compatibility to Vodafone/Draytek routers


  • Improved: WPS stability
  • iperf server for FRITZ!WLAN Repeater and FRITZ!Powerline
  • Fixed: In certain cases it was not possible to perform the wireless environment scan.
  • Fixed: In certain cases streaming and connections were interrupted when powerline WiFi devices were deployed.
  • NEW: Switch in the interfaces of repeater and powerline to adopt settings from the FRITZ!Box