New / Improvements

New features in this Lab version


  • FIXED - no usable internet connection in the Vodafone Italia/Omnitel Pronto Italia network despite existing LTE connection, and MVNOs in this network because the DNS server transmission failed


  • The DSL data rate (sync) can now be reduced to a value closer to the contractually guaranteed data rate if desired. This ensures the DSL line is less sensitive to interference
  • Approximate line length displayed in the DSL Overview

Home Network

  • Topology excerpt in the device details


  • New message in event log for signaling login problems when Protected Management Frames (PMF) are active
  • New "AP steering" feature integrated Use of 11k/v information for active roaming of wireless devices between FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!Repeater models in the Mesh system
  • For wireless devices that are re-registered in the home network due to "AP steering", a new message is displayed under System/Events


  • Send all network traffic via VPN connection (VPN full tunneling, default route via VPN tunnel)
  • Domains for DNS resolution over VPN tunnel can now be specified

Smart Home

  • The FRITZ!DECT 400 now supports long press touch; making it possible to set up two switching options when holding down on the button
  • Templates are now available as an additional switching option for the FRITZ!DECT 400


  • Select information about the FRITZ!Box is sent via the email address specified in MyFRITZ!
  • Easily switch back to the current FRITZ!OS (System >> Update >> FRITZ!OS version)
  • You can switch off the LEDs for light-sensitive environments


  • Support for DECT door intercom systems
  • The FRITZ!Box (when in Mesh Repeater mode) can use the Mesh Master's telephone books
  • Support for SIP trunking from EWE/swb/osnatel, envia Tel, easybell, and Deutsche Telefon


  • Wireless menu with guest access QR code on AVM handsets with color display
  • Wireless menu with WPS Connect for guest access
  • Titles from the media player played on the handset can now be fast forwarded and rewound
  • Block incoming telephone calls directly from the handset call lists
  • Set up and delete call diversion settings directly from the handset menu
  • https supported for live images e.g. from a door intercom system
  • With the selection of favorites in the FRITZ!Fon, you now have direct access to Smart Home devices

Mobile communications

  • Push service for SMS messages



--- Additional improvements in FRITZ!OS 7.08-69774 ---


  • Improved - new software for the mobile broadband modem [6890 v1 only]
  • Improved - increased stability of mobile connections
  • Fixed - a second Packet Data Network (PDN) with a Default Bearer could not be established if a Default Bearer was already being used in the first PDN (noticed in Slovenia)


  • Improved - in deployment scenarios with parallel internet access or in fallback configurations, the port forwarding setups are available for the duration of the primary connection failure on the secondary connection
  • Improved - VPN connections are transferred to the secondary internet connection (fallback connection) in the event of a failure of the primary internet connection
  • Fixed - In rare cases, data for the internet connection was already able to be routed via the fallback connection before the primary connection failed
  • Fixed - In some cases with internet access via the WAN interface and fallback set up via mobile communications, the WAN connection was always considered to be down although it was available
  • Fixed - DNS servers alternatively configured by the user were being used, but not displayed as such
  • Fixed - info LED used to turn red after fallback to LTE despite having successfully established a fallback internet connection (now only occurs if DSL and LTE have not been available for at least one hour)


  • Improved - LTE voice connections via a separate second PDN can now be used even though the primary internet connection exists (in parallel and fallback configurations)
  • Fixed - VoIP registration was not working in certain cases with internet connection establishment taking longer than normal
  • Fixed - telephony voice data (VoIP) might have been routed over the wrong Packet Data Network (PDN)


  • Improved - increased system stability in the context of wireless guest network usage