New / Improvements

New features in this Lab version

  • This lab is based on the FRITZ!OS 7 release for the german FRITZ!Box 7590. (the international version is currently still missing the latest translations of the GUI.)
  • New functions and improvements for Mesh
  • New features for the FRITZ!  Hotspot
  • Reduced waiting times for wireless LAN channel switches >48 in the 5 GHz band (Zero Wait DFS)
  • MyFRITZ! access to FRITZ!Box via internet now comes without security information in the browser
  • Increased speed when using USB storage media with NTFS data systems
  • Support for DECT-ULE/HAN-FUN, the manufacturer-independent standard for Smart Home devices
  • New features for FRITZ!Fon devices
  • Schedule for call diversion: configure once so that you can always be reached
  • Transmit telephone numbers to additional FRITZ!Boxes
  • Support for Telekom SIP Trunking