New / Improvements

New features in this Lab version


  • NEW: Option for checking and, if necessary, resolving detected interference from FRITZ!Powerline to VDLS
  • NEW: Stubs at the DSL connection can be detected and displayed
  • NEW: Possibility to record DSL added


  • NEW: Your browser no longer displays a security warning (SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt) when you use MyFRITZ! to access your FRITZ!Box
  • NEW: Parallel internet access via mobile networks and DSL/WAN
  • NEW: The online meter records mobile data only, and you can set a budget for mobile data, allowing for DSL/WAN fall-back if your limit is reached
  • NEW: Additional fall-back possibilities for internet access
  • NEW: Separate online monitors for DSL/WAN, as well as mobile data
  • NEW: Check the online monitor page for detailed status information about current internet connections
  • NEW: Register for regular status updates for your FRITZ!Box (MyFRITZ! report)

Smart Home:

  • UPDATED: Set up Smart Home templates for holidays, work shifts or vacations, and switch between them at the click of a button
  • NEW: Get a push notification when a broken DECT connection is restored
  • NEW: Support for DECT ULE/HAN FUN


  • NEW: Scheduling function for diverting calls
  • NEW: Telephone numbers that are in your call list can be blocked or added to your contacts
  • NEW: Support for Deutsche Telekom SIP Trunking (DeutschlandLAN SIP Trunk / SIP Trunk Pooling)
  • NEW: Option to prevent VOIP registration via DSL/WAN (useful for fall-back scenarios)
  • NEW: Transmit telephone numbers to additional FRITZ!Boxes


  • NEW: FRITZ!Fon start screen event log: received faxes are displayed
  • NEW: FRITZ!Fon media player: save and load playlists as .xsfp files via FRITZ!NAS
  • NEW: You can now scroll through the FRITZ!Fon Smart Home start screen to show more Smart Home devices
  • NEW: FRITZ!Fon support for up to five ring tones per handset
  • NEW: FRITZ!Fon supports updates for FRITZ!Box (can also be protected with a PIN)
  • NEW: FRITZ!Box supports software updates for compatible handsets from other manufacturers
  • NEW: FRITZ!Fon phone number display shows region and country area codes
  • NEW: Jump to next/last title when playing podcasts on your FRITZ!Fon


  • NEW: With a FRITZ! Hotspot it's easier than ever to give guests or customers WiFi access in public places such as bars, restaurants, doctor's practices etc. For more info, see Wireless / Guest Access.
  • NEW: Improved wireless security through support of activated Protected Management Frames (PMF)
  • NEW: Support for 160-MHz bandwidth in the 5-GHz band (7590)
  • NEW: Reduced waiting times for wireless LAN channel switches >48 in the 5 GHz band (Zero Wait DFS)
  • NEW: Support for 160 MHz bandwidth
  • NEW: Improved wireless security through support of activated Protected Management Frames (PMF)


  • NEW: FRITZ! products with an active Mesh function are labeled with the Mesh symbol on the FRITZ!Box homepage as well as in the table view
  • NEW: The settings for push services, auto updates and AVM services are applied to the entire Mesh network
  • NEW: The Home Network Overview now displays telephone and Smart Home connections with complete topology and connection quality


  • NEW: Set up a second FRITZ!Box as a mesh repeater at the touch of a button


  • Option to check and, if necessary, resolve detected interference from powerline to VDLS