New / Improvements

New features in this Lab version

  • Internet: Resolved - settings regarding diagnostic were sometimes not correctly learned from the 'Mesh Master'
  • Internet: Resolved - it was not possible to allow VPN an Internet access for a user, when in IP Client mode
  • Internet: NEW - MyFRITZ! Internet access to FRITZ!Box without browser warning (SSL certificates by Let's Encrypt)
  • Internet: Resolved - possibility to circumvent time limits defined in parental controls
  • Internet: Change - parental controls no longer differentiate between Windows users
  • Home network: Resolved - DNS resolving was not functional for devices without
  • Home network: Resolved - displaying information for non existing client with mac-adress BA:DB:AD:C0:FF:EE
  • DECT: NEW - FRITZ!Fon start screen events: display of received fax
  • DECT: NEW - FRITZ!Fon media player: saving and loading of playlists as .xsfp files possible via FRITZ!NAS
  • DECT: NEW - FRITZ!Fon Smart Home start screen can now be scrolled to show more Smart Home devices
  • DECT: NEW - FRITZ!Fon phone number display shows region and country of prefix codes
  • DECT: NEW - FRITZ!Fon supports updates for FRITZ!Box (option for securing via PIN)
  • DECT: NEW - FRITZ!Box supports software updates for compatible handsets from other manufacturers (CAT-iq SUOTA)
  • DECT: Resolved - Speedphone 500 could not make calls
  • WiFi: Improved - stability
  • WiFi: Improved - display of frequency bands on Wireless LAN / Radio Channel page in the "Other radio networks in your vicinity" list
  • WiFi: Resolved - selection of DFS channels in the 5 GHz band are possible again in repeater mode.
  • WiFi: Resolved - the entire network of the base station is displayed in repeater mode 
  • WiFi: Resolved - display of interference sources on Wireless LAN / Radio Channel page in the "Use of the Wireless LAN Channels" list
  • WiFi: Change - improved wireless security through support of activated Protected Management Frames (PMF) (in preparation)
  • USB/NAS: Improved - increased speed when using USB storage media with NTFS data systems
  • System: Resolved - problem when reactivating password protection
  • System: Improvement - push mail service "FRITZ!OS update" with extended information on the update progress

Open items known:

  • WiFi: when the internet provider is selected with "Existing connection over wireless LAN", the internet doesn't work
  • UMTS (3G): no fallback to mobile communications