New features for FRITZ!Fon devices

Region and country displayed with phone numbers

During incoming and outgoing calls, the display on your FRITZ!Fon device now shows the name of the region or country along with the connected telephone number. This automatic phone number display requires no additional settings. It is available for all FRITZ!Fon devices with FRITZ!OS version 6.98 or higher installed.

FRITZ!OS update via FRITZ!Fon, option for securing via PIN

FRITZ!OS 6.98 or higher allows FRITZ!Box updates to be performed directly via registered FRITZ!Fon.

Once you're notified of an update, you can simply click "FRITZ!OS update" in the event display.

If you like, you can secure this function from unauthorized access by assigning a PIN. Simply set the PIN in the FRITZ!Box menu under "DECT / Base Station / Access Protection" and choose the areas for which it's valid.