Wireless channels with a channel bandwidth of 160 MHz

FRITZ!OS now supports wireless channels with a channel bandwidth of 160 MHz. Wireless channels with 160-MHz channel bandwidth can be used only in the 5-GHz band. These channels can be used only on wireless devices that support the wireless standard Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) or Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac).

Examples for compatible wireless devices:

  • INTEL AX200 (802.11ax / Wi-Fi 6)
  • INTEL i9260 and i9560 (802.11ac / Wi-Fi 5)

(Both wireless devices are designed for installation in notebooks.)

  • HUAWEI P30

Initially, this feature can be used on every FRITZ!Box 7590 with FRITZ!OS 7.19 installed. Using 160 MHz bandwidth, wireless devices with only two antennas (2 x 2 configuration) can achieve gross transmission rates of up to 1733 MBit/s. This requires a wireless environment with as little activity by adjacent wireless networks in the 5-MHz frequency range. If too much activity in the area is detected, the FRITZ!Box automatically falls back to the standard channel bandwidths 80/40/20 MHz, which continue to be supported.

Of course, the FRITZ!Box allows for parallel communication with multiple wireless devices on different channel bandwidths. The "Zero Wait DFS" feature, which eliminates waiting times on the 5-GHz band, continues to operate in parallel.