Talking caller ID – FRITZ!Fon learns to speak: New features for FRITZ!Fon

Voice announcements (text to speech)

The new Talking caller ID feature announces the name of the caller (if listed in your contacts) or the location the call is coming from. It's available for incoming calls, but voice announcements can also be selected for alarms and appointments.

When you get a call, instead of a ring tone the caller's name is announced if their telephone number is in your contacts. If there is no telephone book entry, the location from which the call is coming is announced, depending on the country.

You'll need to have an active MyFRITZ! account.

The feature can be activated under "Telephony / Telephony Devices" in the user interface. Select the FRITZ!Fon you want to edit and then switch to the "Ring tones" tab. There, for the assigned phone numbers or for other external calls, select "Voice ring tones" at the end of the offered list. Alternatively, you can also switch voice announcements on and off directly in the FRITZ!Fon menu under "Settings" > "Audio".

You can carry out additional settings under "Settings for caller announcements / voice ring tones".

For alarms and appointments you can select voice announcements directly on the FRITZ!Fon.

Appointment calendar

With the new calendar, you can now set up appointments in the FRITZ!Fon and create a reminder for them. You can also be reminded of the appointment by voice announcement.

The new features are available for FRITZ!Fon M2, C4, C5 and C6 with the latest handset firmware.