Notes on the "Weather Forecast" start screen

A new FRITZ!Fon start screen with current weather information is now availabe. Configure it as follows:

  • The FRITZ!Box has to be registered with MyFRITZ! (enter "" in a browser, click on "Internet / MyFRITZ! Account").
  • Update the FRITZ!Fon software (MENU > Settings > Software-Version > Check).
  • Then just select the new start screen (MENU > Settings > Start Screen).

The new weather start screen is available for the following FRITZ!Fon models: FRITZ!Fon C6, FRITZ!Fon C5 and FRITZ!Fon C4. The forecast data, as well as the weather station selection for the new start screen, are provided by the German Meteorological Service. The FRITZ!Box determines the forecast data for your location using your phone number's area code (e.g. 030 for Berlin). The weather start screen is currently only available in Germany.