Communicate via intercom at the touch of a button; an internal phone will ring and display a message

This new feature lets you call an internal phone, for example to tell the kids that dinner is ready.
The call can be initiated by pressing one of the buttons on a FRITZ!DECT 440 placed on your fridge, for example, letting your family know when breakfast or dinner is ready.
The possibilities are endless, with a number of other scenarios conceivable.

The message is created as a "template" in the Smart Home area of the FRITZ!Box user interface and is then assigned to the internal phone that's going to be called and display the message.
The call is initiated by applying the template by pressing a button or an event with FRITZ!DECT 440, FRITZ!DECT 400, FRITZ!Fon, FRITZ!App Smart Home or in FRITZ!OS.

Here's how to set it up:

  • Open the user interface and switch to "Groups and Templates" in the "Smart Home" area
  • Create a new template in "Templates".
  • Select the "Internal telephone call" convenience feature in the Wizard.
  • Specify which phone should ring
  • To finish, assign the name which will be shown on the phone display (for example, "Dinner")

This template can then be used with FRITZ!DECT 440, FRITZ!DECT 400, FRITZ!Fon, FRITZ!App Smart Home, DECT-ULE/HAN-FUN door/window sensors and motion sensors and in FRITZ!OS.