Scenes – create the perfect mood for every occasion

With scenes you can simultaneously perform different actions in the Smart Home.
For example, with the "Coming Home" scene, all radiator controls can be set to the comfort temperature at the touch of a button, and your LED lights and smart plugs, the Wi-Fi and/or guest Wi-Fi, and the answering machine can all be switched on at the same time.
The two scenes "Coming Home" and "Leaving Home" are preset and can be used directly.
The two preset scenes consist of automatically generated templates that can be subsequently turned on and off as required.
With a scene you create yourself, multiple devices can be combined and controlled. Templates that have already been created can be added and deleted on an individual basis.
Furthermore, individual templates can be created as a simple scene. Settings for devices and/or device groups can be saved and reused with templates.
Scenes can be used with the FRITZ!Box, a FRITZ!Fon, the FRITZ!App Smart Home or the FRITZ!DECT 440.

Routines - for customizable automations in the Smart Home

Routines enable devices, scenes and templates to be automatically activated by a trigger-action shortcut.
The shortcut consists of a trigger and a condition that must be met for an action to be performed.
In the Configuration Wizard, you can define a device as a trigger, then specify the change in state or an event (condition). Finally, a previously created scene or template (action) is selected, which is activated when the condition is met.
For example, if the humidity measured by the FRITZ!DECT 440 reaches a certain level, the previously configured scene "Ventilation" with a FRITZ!DECT 200 smart plug with a connected humidifier is applied.