Known issues


After updating to the lab version, logging in to an app or other applications doesn't work. Users may be asked to enter a user name.


With the upcoming release of FRITZ!OS 7.25, there will be a change when logging in with the FRITZ!Box password, which app developers will need to take into account. The change is available in advance in FRITZ! Lab in version 7.24. Check out for more information.

All FRITZ!Apps will support this update in the future. Please note, FRITZ!Apps and other apps that have not yet taken this change into account require you to enter a user name in addition to the FRITZ!Box password. The user name for logging in with the FRITZ!Box password can be found in the FRITZ!Box user interface under System > FRITZ!Box Users. The user name begins with the name "fritz", followed by four digits.

Please re-register the app on your FRITZ!Box. You should use the corresponding user name and FRITZ!Box password for this.