Convenient telephony with a headset

The FRITZ!Fon features a headset port, so you can keep both hands free and still enjoy optimum sound quality when making calls. FRITZ!Fon is compatible with all standard headsets. 

A talent for organization

You can conveniently create multiple telephone books on the user interface of the FRITZ!Box and use these with each FRITZ!Fon, helping you keep track of your contacts.

Never miss a call

You can record individual greetings for the various digital answering machines on your FRITZ!Fon. FRITZ!Fon also informs you of missed calls and even new e-mails.

FRITZ!Fon as a remote control

You can use your FRITZ!Fon like a remote control to manage the music on your home network’s media server or even deploy the FRITZ!Fon itself as a playback device.

Infotainment à la FRITZ!

With numerous Internet functions, FRITZ!Fon can be used as a personal information and entertainment hub. You can access e-mails and RSS feeds, and listen to podcasts and Internet radio – all on the FRITZ!Fon itself.

Telephony that’s even more convenient

FRITZ!Fon offers the full range of telephony features: call waiting, call lists, baby monitor function, call diversion, call toggling, three-way calling, speed dialing, call blocking, call transfer, wake-up calls, and much, much more.