19 April 2022

Dark mode and more: The latest from the FRITZ!Apps

The FRITZ!Apps regularly receive new features and improvements. In this article we take a look at the important new features that have recently been added to the free apps for Android and iOS. The version status of the iOS and Android apps differs, meaning new features appear with different updates for each operating system.

Dark mode available in many FRITZ!Apps

Most FRITZ!Apps for Android and iOS are now available in dark mode. It ensures that the display is easy to read and that smartphone models with OLED displays have longer battery runtimes. The FRITZ!Apps adopt your device's system-wide settings for light or dark mode. With the Android apps, you can individually select the mode you want for the app.

FRITZ!App Smart Home for Android

Brand new in the FRITZ!App Smart Home for Android are the functions for triggering antifreeze protection and boost mode. Also handy: you can set the duration of the desired setting. The app now also shows the status of door and window sensors in the overview.

The FRITZ!App Smart Home has been supporting color selection for the FRITZ!DECT 500 LED light for some time now – more on this in our article.

FRITZ!App Fon for iOS: now with the latest iOS technology

The FRITZ!App Fon for iOS is now using the latest iOS technology for incoming call notifications. In addition, it's now possible to block and unblock phone numbers that have not been saved directly in the app. A practical new feature can be found in the call list: New fax messages are now displayed here. Android users can select the FRITZ!App Fon for calls from the browser.

Measure latency with FRITZ!App WLAN

The FRITZ!App WLAN for iOS and Android shows your Wi-Fi connection's latency when you start the "Measure Wi-Fi" function. In the home network overview, you can check both the latency of your device in the home network and to the internet.