Advanced Mesh steering

FRITZ!OS always provides for the best connections between all wireless devices (for instance, smartphone, tablet, or notebook) and between the FRITZ! products in the Mesh. Wireless devices are supported in making better decisions about where they will connect to. In the Mesh, FRITZ!OS can also intervene with Mesh steering and steers wireless devices to other connections, either between the 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless bands ("band steering") or between several FRITZ!Box products, for example from a FRITZ!Box to a FRITZ!Repeater. The requirement for this is that the same name (SSID) is used for both radio bands for the wireless network (default setting) and the wireless device supports the steering.

With this Lab version, Mesh steering has been expanded and now intervenes more often to improve the wireless LAN performance of the connected end devices. Even with wireless devices that have a good connection, the system regularly checks whether even better wireless LAN performance is possible. If so, the devices are automatically rerouted to the better wireless connection, for instance, if the device has been moved away from the FRITZ!Box or back again.

In addition, the robustness in handling wireless devices, which do not completely control the rerouting, has been improved.