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4 July 2024

FRITZ! tips for summer: Smart garden, stress-free vacation and easy-going garden parties

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Summer is here and with it comes the chance to spend more time outside. With the smart FRITZ! solutions, summer is even more pleasant and relaxing – whether it's at the allotment, at a garden party or on vacation. These five tips describe how users can make the most of their FRITZ! products during the warmer months.

For summer parties: share guest hotspot via QR code

For a summer garden party or watching sports together, Wi-Fi can be shared quickly and easily using a QR code. This allows guests to easily use their "second screens" without having to pass on the password verbally. It's perfect for a laid-back evening with friends and family.

Secure VPN access from everywhere

With the FRITZ!Box's WireGuard feature, setting up a VPN connection to securely access the FRITZ!Box is child's play. A QR code is all that is needed to establish the connection. This means that users can always access their home devices and data even when on vacation, whether it's for a quick check of the surveillance camera or to access important documents.

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Energy saving made easy

When nobody's home it makes sense to reduce the FRITZ!Box's power consumption. The Eco mode can be activated in the user interface under "System > Energy Monitor". This means users can save energy and costs during the vacation season.

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Mobile internet for second homes

A FRITZ!Box for mobile internet is ideal for taking on vacation. It means fast internet is available no matter where users are - making it perfect for video streaming, gaming or browsing and ensuring users are perfectly connected even when in their holiday home or second home.

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With FRITZ!, summer becomes a time when users get to enjoy technology and leave the stress of everyday life behind - whether at the allotment, at a summer party or while traveling. Smart, connected and enjoying the summer sun to the fullest!

Carefree vacations with the FRITZ! checklist

Checklists make preparing for a trip that little bit easier. But who takes care of the home while users are away? Thanks to the range of FRITZ!Box features, vacation can get off to a smooth start - and controlling the home remains secure and convenient even while users are away.

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