Press release
29 April 2024

AVM launches new FRITZ! Lab: Focus on ease of use, Wi-Fi and Smart Home

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Today AVM is launching a new FRITZ! Lab that puts the focus even more on user-friendliness, making it even easier to set up a FRITZ!Box and further optimizing the design of the user interface. The "Overview" page has been redesigned and the Mesh View has been given a refresh. For example, home network and guest devices can now be renamed here. In addition, home network devices can be assigned a device icon, allowing users to recognize printers or smartphones more quickly. Users have the opportunity to test the first new features in the current FRITZ! Lab.

The FRITZ! Lab lays the groundwork for the upcoming FRITZ!OS 8.0 and will first launch for the FRITZ!Box 7590 AX and FRITZ!Box 7590. Over the next few months, the FRITZ! Lab will be expanded to include additional features and improvements in a range of areas such as Wi-Fi, Smart Home, FRITZ!Fon and VPN and will be made available for additional FRITZ!Box models. With the future update, users will also benefit from optimized energy efficiency and continuous improvements for stable and secure use at home.

You can find the release notes with all new features and updates at, as well as instructions on how to install the FRITZ! Lab.