Press release
1 August 2023
AVM market launch of FRITZ!Fon X6

The all-rounder for the digital home: FRITZ!Fon X6 available immediately

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  • New Favorites key and high-resolution color display for ideal ease of use
  • Quick integration in the FRITZ! home network for telephony, Smart Home, Wi-Fi control
  • Convenience features for working from home, the workplace and family

The FRITZ!Fon X6, a multi-talent for operating the digital home, is now available for purchase in a white or black design. With the new Favorites key on the side of the device, users can quickly switch to their most important menu, for instance, to the Smart Home or telephone book. The FRITZ!Fon X6 has a large, high-resolution 2.4-inch color display that provides for enhanced readability. Thanks to support for full-duplex HD, including for the integrated speaker phone, and the high-performance battery, users can make long phone calls with high voice quality. The new FRITZ!Fon X6 is the perfect partner for both personal and business use, offering convenience functions like answering machines, telephone books, and call blocking. It offers users a wide range of options, including announcements of callers and appointments, a baby monitor, a start display with a weather forecast, and an alarm. The FRITZ!Fon X6 is also extremely versatile for Wi-Fi and the Smart Home. With the QR code guests can receive fast, easy access to the home Wi-Fi network, and the Wi-Fi function can be switched on or off at the touch of a button. Users can also control their Smart Home devices such as lights or outlets via the FRITZ!Fon X6. Regular free FRITZ!OS updates ensure that new functions are added on a regular basis. The FRITZ!Fon X6 is on sale now for 99 euros (RRP).


Landline telephony and Smart Home – the new FRITZ!Fon X6

The FRITZ!Fon X6 is the perfect solution for telephony at home, be it for the home office or private use. For this it combines simple, convenient operation with the energy saving DECT radio standard. The new, large color display shows important information such as upcoming appointments or weather forecasts. Just a simple touch of the button lets users view the call list and answering machine messages on the display. The telephone is equipped with integrated sensors that activate the telephone automatically as soon as it is picked up, and switch off the display and keypad illumination when placed on the user’s ear. The FRITZ!Fon X6 offers optimized operation options for a plethora of applications in the smart FRITZ! home network, including the control of smart plugs (FRITZ!DECT 210 and 200) and smart radiator controls (FRITZ!DECT 302 and 301). It can also receive live images from a video intercom system. The integrated media player further enables the simple playback of music or photos stored on the FRITZ!Box or other media servers – even via Smart TVs or wireless speakers. In combination with a FRITZ!Box, the DECT telephone provides up to five digital answering machines, an easy-to-read call list, telephone books with online contacts, blocked caller lists and much more.

The technical specifications at a glance:

  • DECT telephone with HD telephony and high-quality speaker phone
  • Up to five answering machines and multiple telephone books
  • Web radio, baby monitor, talking caller ID, weather forecast on start screen
  • Large 2.4 inch color display, illuminated keypad, headset jack
  • New, user-defined Favorites key
  • Secure factory-installed voice encryption standards
  • FRITZ!Box management, e.g., Wi-Fi switching or media server
  • FRITZ! Smart Home control, FRITZ!DECT 210/200, FRITZ!DECT 302/301
  • Black & white models
  • Available now in retail for 99 euros (RRP)