Press release
6 February 2023

FRITZ!OS 7.50 brings new features for FRITZ!Apps

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  • A clear Mesh overview in the MyFRITZ!App
  • Control scenes with FRITZ!App Smart Home
  • Prioritize and rename devices in the home network via MyFRITZ!App

With the major FRITZ!OS 7.50 update, AVM is expanding the range of functions in the free FRITZ!Apps. The MyFRITZ!App, with which users can quickly access their FRITZ!Box via tablet or smartphone at home or on the go, has a redesigned Mesh overview. The app displays FRITZ! products and all devices in the home network so you can see what's happening at a glance. In addition, users can assign unique names to their devices in the app. Internet access for certain devices, such as your work laptop, can now be prioritized directly in the MyFRITZ!App. And scenes, that useful for the Smart Home, can now also be operated in the FRITZ!App Smart Home. The FRITZ!Apps are available to download for free in the Apple and Android app stores. Meanwhile, AVM continues with the rollout of FRITZ!OS 7.50 for its products. All information about the major update with over 150 new features and improvements can be found at

Mesh at a glance with MyFRITZ!App

The MyFRITZ!App offers further details in the Mesh overview: It shows to which FRITZ!Box or FRITZ!Repeater the devices are registered - including the quality of the Wi-Fi connection. The iOS version now also supports users when setting up mobile access to the FRITZ!Box user interface. The app offers a wizard that helps with the necessary steps. This allows users to control their home network with a smartphone or tablet from anywhere, whether at home or on the go.

Come home relaxed thanks to FRITZ!App Smart Home

Scenes link individual steps in the home network in such a way that users can operate them practically all at once - thanks to the FRITZ!App Smart Home, now also with your phone. Anyone who creates the “Coming home” scenario in the FRITZ!Box user interface, for example, can conveniently activate it using their smartphone when they are out and about. When you get home, the Wi-Fi is activated, smart plugs are switched on, all smart thermostats are set to your comfort temperature and the answering machines are switched off. An additional "Leaving the house" scene is also available via the FRITZ!Box.