A new generation of WiFi

Today's average household uses about nine wireless devices, ranging from smartphone to tablet all the way to smart TVs. Master all the challenges using the new generation of WiFi with wireless FRITZ! products featuring mesh convenience.

Fast Internet in every corner Don't settle for weak wireless LAN! No matter where you are in your home – WiFi via FRITZ! is already there. This includes: top reception for the wireless radio in the kitchen, video streaming without loading breaks in the living room, and fast surfing with your smartphone in all corners of your home.
From S to XL Life brings changes. With FRITZ! your WiFi can grow to whatever size you need at the touch of a button. Thanks to smart FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters and the FRITZ!Powerline plus WiFi combinations, you can adjust your home network to your individual needs.
Just insert, push the button and enjoy – that's what convenient mesh networking is all about today.
One name – one network Your entire home network answers to one name. This "SSID" applies to all devices, from the smartphone to the laptop and the game console. New FRITZ! products adopt the network's name automatically.
This way you'll gain full wireless power in every room, while smartphones and other devices connect to their ideal FRITZ! device automatically.
Be the perfect host with FRITZ! When your friends are over you'd offer them a drink. Be the perfect host and offer them their own guest access via the new FRITZ! wireless as well. All the while your data in the home network are protected and your guests can enjoy high-speed Internet.
Security comes first FRITZ! is already perfectly secure when it reaches your home. All FRITZ! products come with an individual network key ex works.
FRITZ! products are known for their continuous product maintenance. The software is constantly tested and improved. Thanks to the free updates, you can always rest assured.
Straight through the wall Nothing can stop you! No matter how thick your walls are, how many stories need to be covered or how spacious your garden is: FRITZ!Powerline provides you with wireless LAN wherever there's a plug.
And since powerline doesn't need any direct connection between wireless networks, you can enjoy full flexibility at home: bring your WiFi wherever you go for optimum mesh networking convenience.
High-tech fun Benefit from German hardware and software development with components that are perfectly coordinated, so you can achieve gigabit speeds using FRITZ! with Multi-User MIMO. Your devices use two frequency bands concurrently and enjoy best reception in the entire home network – and you don't have to do a thing.
Wireless FRITZ!: individual like your home Completely assembled, off-the-shelf packages are out of date. Rely instead on flexible solutions with FRITZ!, as customized as your home!